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Revealed a KEY factor to ranking #1!

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We all want to rank on Google Page 1.

But there’s one VERY important factor that MANY people get wrong…  ONE-PAGE SEO!   

Yup, how good (or NOT so good) you optimize your websites for your target keywords, On-page optimization is what Google uses to know what your content is about.   

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The bad news… some people OVER do it and get in trouble or UNDER do it and never rank as high as they’d like. Because this  FACTOR make the difference between ranking page 10 and ranking on page 1.  

The good news  is that there is a PERFECT medium (a SWEET spot if you will) where the magic happens and Google rewards you with   great rankings.  

A new software has been released yesterday, that does ALL of your on-page optimization for you to ENSURE that you’re in this “SWEET SPOT”  

It’s called SEO Pluse  and it will:  

– Improve website rankings for key keywords
– Get rid of Google’s penalties
– Find out which backlinks are good and which are bad.
– Find out exactly what you need to change on your pages to improve the rankings
– Create SEO optimization reports which you can sell to customers
– Create Google compatible sitemap

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Dont let your competitors take its advantage before you.

1 thought on “Revealed a KEY factor to ranking #1!

  1. Hello,
    It seems like the more information that I try to find about SEO on the internet, the more confusing it gets. I would like to say that you do offer a fresh perspective on your website.
    What a lot of people leave out is that it’s takes MONEY, to grow a business and not everyone has a means to borrow or access enough to pay for advertising and marketing. But, thanks for the insights, they really did help.

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